January 2022

Show your support...

The Festival of Busselton is run by a local volunteer committee and provides locals and visitors with an array of fantastic family-friendly events throughout the month of January.

As a not-for-profit we rely heavily on the support of local businesses and the council for event funding. This year we are asking members of the community to show their support by donating. No matter how small the donation, we appreciate every cent.


Information and advice on the COVID-19 coronavirus for attendees of the Festival of Busselton. COVID-19 restrictions and requirements have been implemented in accordance with government regulations for the 2022 Festival.  The Festival of Busselton will remain compliant with all restrictions, which may alter at any time before or during the festival.  We will keep audiences updated with any changes.

The Festival of Busselton has developed a COVID Risk Management plan to help mitigate the risk of COVID-19. These plans are in line with health advice and provide extra confidence to patrons and staff entering the festival locations.  The safety of audiences, staff, volunteers, partners and suppliers is paramount.

The Festival of Busselton will:

1.       Continue to update our events and processes according to the latest government recommendations and regulations.

2.       Keep in touch with audiences to advise of any changes.

3.       Provide adequate hand sanitiser and hand-washing facilities at all venues.

4.       Ensure our staff and volunteers, and those of our venues, are trained on and follow COVID Hygiene and COVID Cleaning Practices.

5.       Assign COVID Safety Marshals to Festival events to monitor and record behaviour and advise audiences of their obligations.

6.       Reduce physical contact points between audience and staff/volunteers.


We ask guests to assist us with minimising risk by:

1.       Staying home if unwell.

2.       Practicing good hygiene by coughing into your elbow or tissue and washing hands correctly. Hygiene stations will be available at all Festival of Busselton events.

3.       Maintain physical distancing according to the current government recommendations.

4.       Downloading the SafeWA app prior to attending an event and scanning the QR code displayed at various points around event sites to assist with contact tracing.

5.       Respecting festival and venue staff and volunteers, and fellow audience members, and following all instructions at the event.

LAST UPDATED 23 December 2021