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2023 Winners

Olivia Burroughs

William Semmens

Peyton Lee

Jenny Norris

Clemmie Kiessig

Matthew Callanan

Jadzia Dewi Semmens

Margaret Grimmond

passport sample.png

How to use your passport...

1. Print the programme, or collect a paper copy at one of our events. 

2. Get your Passport stamped at 6 events - one event has to be an Outdoor Cinema, one event has to be Petticoat Lane, one event has to be the Main Event Concert and the other 3 events can be any* of our other events! Get your stamp at the Festival Info Booth from one of our Event Staff.

3. Your final stamp will be the Main Event stamp, and once you have this you need to fill out your name, phone & email and enter it into the barrel at the Festival Info Booth.

4. Winners will be drawn at the Main Event Concert's intermission! 

What you could win...

There are 8 family passes up for grabs to some of the regions best attractions! 

- Mammoth Cave

- Lake Cave

- Jewel Cave

- Cape Leeuwin

- Cape Naturaliste

- Ngilgi Cave

- Forest Adventures

- Eagles Heritage

Each family pass will admit 2 adults and 2 children.

Where to get your stamps...

Stamps will be available at the following events;

- New Years Eve Concert

- All 6 Outdoor Cinemas

- Eats & Beats Vasse, Dunsborough & Busselton (not at Origin's Eats & Beats)

- The Big Water Fight

- Coffee & Cars

- Dogs Day Out

- ReCYCLE Ride

- Circus Workshop & Aerial Dance

- Petticoat Lane

Stamps will NOT be available at these events;

- Eats & Beats at Origins

- Pirate Day

- Sandcastle Competition

- Duck Drop

- Log Chop

- Events held after January 21st 2023

Other terms & conditions...

- One entry per person.

- Prizes will be drawn at random from all entries, no categories.

- Winners will be announced at the intermission of the Main Event Concert.

- Winners do not need to be in attendance, and will be notified by email.

- Winners will be published on our Facebook Page by name only. 

- Prizes are not transferrable or refundable.

- Prizes will not be substituted for cash. 

- Once awarded prizes become the winners responsibility & property.

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