1st - 31st

January 2020


Children's Treasure Hunt 

Adventure cove


This event is sponsored by:

Busselton Foreshore   

10:00am  Treasure Hunt  - For ages 12 and under
11:30pm   Marine Rescue Display and 

                   RAC Helicopter Rescue Demo

12:00pm   Duck Drop by Busselton SLS

DUCKS, CHOPPERS AND TREASURE - what could be more fun!? Discover all the excitement of this BIG DAY OUT at the stunning Busselton Foreshore!

Join us for the Treasure Hunt that starts at 10am where we invite children 12 years of age under to find a multitude of coloured tokens buried in the sand - these token will be exchanged for prizes.  Everyone is a winner!

After the treasure hunt stay to watch as the RAC Helicopter Rescue work together with the Marine Rescue to demonstrate a sea rescue. 

Perhaps you'd rather try your luck with Busselton Surf Club’s much-loved and highly anticipated annual Duck Drop! All you need to do is buy a ticket from SLS Busselton and then wait for your little yellow duck to come sailing home! This is one super big day that promises fantastic family fun for everyone. 

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